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   What is La Cerkia ?

It's an online Fashion Brand community for designers. You can find all the detailed info in the ABOUT US section ... Just Click Here 


Who Designs your T-Shirts ?

All our T-Shirts are designed by creatives all around the world with their unique talents.


How are Winners chosen ?

Depending on the contest's schedule, at closing date we gather all the votes that in the RATE section and analize the designs with our top team of experts. Your votes are very important for the final design but not vital as the jury can decide to print a less popular one judging it by fashion appeal, graphic taste,idea and most important considering the print process. (Just so we don't have any problems in the production). For voting please REGISTER at La Cerkia (It will take a few seconds or you can directly register with Facebook). You can receive up to 30% discount once you arrive at a good number of votes. The discounts are sent privately in your inbox if you are a top rater in our systems.


Are Winners Rewarded ?

Of course ... all contests have different prizes but most important we guarantee a minimum win of € 100 that will be rewarded for the basic production of 100 items. Every extra item will be considered an extra euro for the designer so you better get out there and share your designs. Also, every month, SPECIAL contests that could give you the opportunity to win a minimum of € 1000 plus extra surprises will be held.

Stay tuned and don't miss any out !!!


What kind of T-Shirts are used ?

We print on our own 100 % Cotton preshrunk t-shirt, so there is a minimum risk of shrinking combining it to the highest quality for an extra soft feel. For the T-Shirt fit please click the Size Chart box next to the product as we may use different fits dipending on the style of the design.


How do I wash your Products ?

The best way is to handwash in cold water or in washing machine at the lowest degrees


The Print is inconsistent or corroded ?

Special effects may be applied to print to give it a Vintage look so please note that any imperfection or and differences in colour have to be considered QUALITY EFFECTS and NOT DEFECTS.


A Design I like is out of stock, will it be reprinted ?

La Cerkia may print selected designs only if there is a big request so grab your favourite graphic before it sells out. Reprints will be announces in the news section and will have a reprint logo on the product shop image


Once I submit a design to La Cerkia can I then use it somwhere else ?

By submitting your design to La Cerkia, you may not reproduce, sell or submit your design to any other commercial purpose for 60 days after the date of submission. This gives an opportunity for our team of experts to consider the design during this period of time. Once the 60 days are over, and you are not a winning pick, you are free to use the design for any other purpose. If your design is a winner, you will not use the design (and any similar) or give the design to others for any other  commercial or non-commercial purpose. You will complete the rights to the design only once you submit the artwork and accept Terms and conditions. When you submit your artwork please make sure it is your own original work, that has never been published before and doesn't contain ant trademarks, logos, copyright material, or any other abstract property belonging to third party as you will be responsible for any legal action since it's your creation.


How do I remove a Design ?

Please contact our Creative Dept ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with the title of the design to remove.

What Payment methods are accepted ?

We use Paypal as it's the fastest and safest way to make online payments. All kind of payments can be made through Paypal. Paypal's purchase protection programs help protect your purchases including 100% protection against unauthorized payments.


I don't have Paypal ... can I still pay ?

Of course. Make your purchase and the click on ''I don't have a Paypal account'', this way you can still pay safely using Paypal without an account using any kind of card.

Where do you ship? How much will it cost ? How long will it take to receive my items?

We ship almost all around the world .... Please check all our shipping info here





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