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Depending on the contest's schedule, at closing date we gather all the votes that in the RATE section and analize the designs with our top team of experts. Your votes are very important for the final design but not vital as the jury can decide to print a less popular one judging it by fashion appeal, graphic taste,idea and most important considering the print process. (Just so we don't have any problems in the production). For voting please REGISTER at La Cerkia (It will take a few seconds or you can directly register with Facebook). You can receive up to 30% discount once you arrive at a good number of votes. The discounts are sent privately in your inbox if you are a top rater in our systems.



Our contests have different prizes but most important we guarantee a minimum win of € 100 that will be rewarded for the basic production. Every extra item will be considered an extra euro for the designer so you better get out there and share your designs. Also, every month, SPECIAL contests that could give you the opportunity to win a minimum of € 1000 plus extra surprises will be held.


Stay tuned and don't miss out !!!

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